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22 April 2018

About us

The Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) was established in March of the year 1984 under Act No. 11 of Parliament in the same year. Since then, the Bureau has functioned as a key agency that supports trade and enhances business competitiveness through standards. It also provides services which are geared to protect consumers.

As the National Standard Body, the Bureau has the legal status of a statutory corporation and a semi-autonomous agency. It is governed by the National Standards Council, whose members are appointed by the Minister of Business. Technical Committees established by the National Standards Council are responsible for the development of standards. Apart from standards development, the Bureau promotes and implements standards in key sectors of the local economy through the many services it provides. The organisation has approximately fifty five (55) Technical and Non-technical staff members who are managed by the Executive Director along with the Heads of Department.

The GNBS is affiliated to a number of Regional and International Standards Bodies including CROSQ, ISO and COPANT.

Currently, the GNBS Main Office is located at Flat 15, National Exhibition Complex, Sophia, Greater Georgetown. The organisation also has sub-offices established in Anna Regina Region 2, Vreed-en-Hoop Region 3, New Amsterdam Region 6 and Lethem Region 9.

The GNBS is ISO 9001: 2015 internationally certified .





To improve the quality of goods and services in Guyana by partnering with Government, consumers and industry through the process of Standardisation.



To promote the National Quality Infrastructure for economic, social development and consumer protection in partnership with key sectors through Standards, Metrology and Conformity Assessment.



The Guyana National Bureau of Standards is fully committed to Customer Satisfaction and Continual Improvement of its product and services in keeping with its strategic goals for the period of 2017 – 2021.

Management ensures  compliance to all applicable regulatory requirements and executes its mandate in accordance with the current GNBS and the Weights and Measures Act.

We take pride in translating the quality objectives into superior product and services which enhances national development in the Cooperative Republic of Guyana.




The objectives of the Bureau are to:

● promote Standardisation in industry and commerce;

● encourage or undertake educational work in connection with Standardisation;

● establish, form, furnish and maintain information systems and laboratories for the purpose of furthering the practice of Standardisation;

● provide for the testing, at the request of the Minister and on behalf of the Government, of locally manufactured and imported commodities with the view of determining whether such commodities comply with the provision of the Standards Act or any other law dealing with standards and quality;

● assist in the rationalisation of industries by coordinating the efforts of producers and consumers for improvement of appliances, processes, raw materials and products;

● prepare, frame, modify or amend specifications and codes of practice;

● make arrangements and provide facilities for the testing and calibration of precision instruments, gauges and scientific apparatus to determine their degree of accuracy;

● make arrangements or provide facilities for the examination and testing of commodities and any material or substance derived, and the manner in which commodities may be manufactured, produced, processed or treated;

● control in accordance with the provisions of the Standards Act, the use of Standardisation marks and distinctive marks; and provide for co-operation with any person, association or organisation outside Guyana having objectives similar to those for which the Bureau is established.