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18 March 2018
Importation Tips
Importation Tips

Christmas Shopping – Tips for Importers of Products monitored by the GNBS

As the busy shopping season approaches at the end of the year and importation of products increases, importers of products monitored by the GNBS are reminded of the following:

  •             Be registered with the GNBS for the current year by completing and submitting to the Bureau the prescribed application along with a copy of the business registration form and                          registration fee.
  •             Acquire the relevant National Standards from the GNBS for products imported, in order to ensure importation of standard compliant goods.
  •             Submit samples of new products to GNBS for approval, prior to the importation and manufacture to avoid sub-standard products.
  •             Have consignments of products examined by Inspectors of the GNBS at the Ports-of-entry or Warehouses, before clearance and sale in the country.
  •             Arrange with the GNBS in advance to facilitate the examination of products at the ports-of-entry simultaneously with GRA.

    Importation Tips

    Importation Tips

  •             Ensure that products imported are for the purpose intended and are safe for use.                              Importers should purchase from sources that issue warranties which could be easily                        passed on to consumers.
  •             Ensure that any brochure, instruction manual, leaflet, etc. which are associated with a                    product are in English Language and accompany the product at the time of sale.
  •             Facilitate periodic inspections by GNBS Inspectors at their premises including                                  warehouses and workshops. Records relating to the operation of the premises should also              be available for checks by Inspectors of the Bureau. All records such as copies of invoices,              customs documentation, bills of sale, etc. must be properly kept and should be easily                        retrievable.
  •             Carefully select their suppliers who could comply with the quality and labeling                                  requirements relating to products imported.
  •             Ensure, where necessary, that imported products bear a national or international                              certification mark from a Regulatory Body in the country of origin, or a certificate of                        quality compliance should be submitted to the GNBS to verify the quality of the product imported. Compliance certificates should be obtained from an independent Certification Body,             a National Standards Body or the relevant Regulatory Body.
  •             Check their products received to ensure conformance to the quality specification and to detect any deterioration in quality or other damages during storage and transportation.
  •             Address complaints received from customers regarding products purchased.
  •             Desist from using the name of the GNBS in any advertisement or promotional material in relation to the sale of any product.
  •             Ensure all products imported are in metric units.


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