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22 April 2018

Codex Contact Point

The Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) was established as the National Codex Contact Point (NCCP) following Guyana’s admission to the CAC. The NCCP acts as the Secretariat for the CAC. It is the major communication link between the CAC and Guyana. It also acts as the coordinating body for all Codex activities within Guyana.

The Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) was established in 1962 to implement the Joint Food and Agriculture (FAO)/ World Health Organisation (WHO) food standards programme. Codex Alimentarius was taken from Latin meaning ‘Food Law or Code.’  Codex Alimentarius commonly known as the ‘food code’ is about safe good food for everyone-everywhere.

This international standard setting body develops food standards; guidelines and codes of practice that;

  1. Contribute to the safety, quality and fairness of international food trade,
  2. Protect consumers’ health, and
  3. Guide and promote the elaboration and establishment of definitions and requirements for foods to assist in their harmonization and in doing so to facilitate international trade.

The Scope of Codex Alimentarius includes standards for all the principle foods, whether processed, semi-processed or raw, for distribution to the consumer. Additionally, the Scope includes provisions in respect of food hygiene, food additives, residues of pesticides and veterinary drugs, contaminants, labelling and presentation, methods of analysis and sampling, and import and export inspection and certification.

The National Codex Committee (NCC) basic function is to advise the Government of Guyana on the implementation of various food standards and food safety issues which arises out of the work of CAC and its subsidiary bodies. The NCC comprises of members from governmental organisations, non-governmental organisations, academia, private sector and consumer body.

Codex Committee deliberates on food related standards and other information.

Codex Committee deliberates on food related standards and other information.









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