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18 March 2018


Throughout Guyana, restaurants and other fast food service providers prepare a variety of dishes to satisfy the appetite of their customers. However, as we celebrate Guyana Restaurant Week during November 17 – 26, 2017, it is time for establishments to adopt a sustainable approach which must include the use of standards.  Implementing the National Standard enable providers of Restaurant services to truly satisfy their customers.

Restaurants and fast food service providers can consult the requirements of the Code of Practice for Quality Management in the Restaurant Service (GCP 17:2003) to ensure that the foods prepared are wholesome and services provided are safe and reliable.

The implementation of this Code of Practice can be a major step towards efficiency and a commitment to satisfying the needs, wants and expectations of customers. Over time, this would widen the gamut of reputable restaurants and fast food establishments available in Guyana.

Local Restaurants should conform to Standards.

Local Restaurants should conform to Standards.

The code of practice specifies the managerial requirements necessary to ensure the efficient running of any restaurant establishment which seeks to ensure quality in the sight of its customers. As such, restaurants implementing this standard will consistently satisfy their customers, have high productivity and their service will become more competitive at the local and international levels.

As a requirement in the standard, businesses must establish a quality system which mainly focuses on marketing to understand the wants and expectations of customers, and the design and preparation of the food and service delivery to customers.

The Code of Practice also addresses many other requirements which can prevent service inefficiency and unreliability, and foods that are undesirable and unsafe for consumption. These requirements include personnel, material resources, internal and external communication, system of checking, contractual arrangements, advertising, design and development of new products, quality control, documentation and data control, purchasing, process control, corrective and preventive actions and handling, storage, packaging and delivery.

Restaurants and other food establishments are encouraged to acquire a copy of this Code of Practice from the Guyana National Bureau of Standards and implement the requirements therein to ensure that they have viable and sustainable businesses.


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