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22 April 2018
Inspectors monitor imported commodities for quality and labelling requirements
Inspectors monitor imported commodities for quality and labelling requirements

Registration Of Importers, Local Manufacturers, Used Tyre And Cellular Phone Dealers For 2017

All Importers and Local Manufacturers of the Commodities listed below are reminded to register with the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) for the year 2017. Application forms are available at the GNBS Head Office, Branch Offices in Regions 2, 3, 6 and 9, and on the GNBS website:

Importers are also reminded that they need to ensure that registration is completed before commodities imported are examined and released by the GNBS. A copy of the Payment Receipt or Certificate of Registration MUST be submitted to Inspectors at the time of Clearing Commodities.

Further, all Used Tyre and Cellular Phone Dealers are also required to obtain a permit from the Bureau to sell these commodities.



Ø  Domestic electrical/electronic appliances

Ø  Weighing and Measuring Devices

Ø  Electricity and Water Meters

Ø  Seat Belts

Ø  Toys and Playthings

Ø  Textiles

Ø  Garments

Ø  Footwear

Ø  Safety Matches

Ø  Tyres

Ø  Soap Powder

Ø  Fertilizers

Ø  Cigarettes

Ø  Safety Helmets

Ø  PVC Pipes

Ø  Furniture

Ø  Gas Stoves

Ø  Christmas Tree Decorative Lighting Outfits

Ø  Cellular Phones

For further information, please call telephone numbers: 219-0065, 219-0066 or 219-0069. For updates, visit and like the GNBS Facebook page:

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