Todays date:
22 April 2018

Audit Services

Officers Conducting a Management System Audit

Officers conducting a Management System Audit

Goal of the Audit Services

This service is geared towards providing audit services to organizations, companies and laboratories desirous of having an independent assessment of their operations, to determine conformance to objectives and criteria established by the client.


(1)    To determine the level of conformance of the organization’s management system to the respective internationals standards.
(2)    To facilitate continual improvement.


a.    Allows the organisation to identify areas for improvementncies in the organization, and
b.    Provides an independent assessment of the organization’s operations.

How it works

a.    Request for audit service from client.
b.    Evaluation of request by GNBS.
c.    Auditors review of objective and criteria for the audit, and any relevant documentation.
d.    Pre audit meeting with client and establishment of contract.
e.    Conduct on-site audit.
f.    Audit report within 10 working days of the audit.
g.    Post audit activities. (If this was agreed on as part of the contract).

Target:    Manufacturing and Service organizations desirous of assessing their operations in relation to the areas of quality, environment and laboratory management, and other manufacturing and service standards.

Note: This programme does not offer audit of financial systems.

Price:    Subject to the scope of audit, preparation and audit time.

Facilitators:    The GNBS has a team of trained lead auditors certified by the Registration Accreditation Board (RAB) of USA and possess a wealth of experience working with the companies in diverse sectors of Guyana’s economy.  Technical experts will also be sourced for specialized areas, if necessary.

Contact Person: Tashi Browne
Programme Officer (Audit Services),
Guyana National Bureau of Standards,
Flat 15 Exhibition Site, Sophia, GEORGETOWN.
Telephone #: 219-0065, 219 -0066
Fax #: 219-0070