Todays date:
18 March 2018

Calibration and Testing Services

LSD provides traceable calibration services in the areas of mass to industry

LSD provides traceable calibration services in the areas of mass to industry

Calibration Services Include:

Weights and Weights Set Calibrations from 1mg to 30kg.

Temperature Calibrations from – 30 o C to 250 0 C for comparison calibration. These services are but ISO/IEC compliant and are traceable to international standards.

Pressure Calibrations from 20 to 3000 psi- Types of instruments include gauges (oil operated).

Volume Calibrations from 5ml to 50L- Types of instruments includes volumetric glassware and provers

Dimensional Calibrations from 1mm to 300mm for calipers, micrometers, depth gauges and rulers.

Electrical Calibrations includes DC Voltage, DC Current, AC Voltage, AC Current and Resistance.

Testing Services are provided for the following:

  • Gold Jewellery
  • Concrete Blocks
  • Textiles

You can rely on the Laboratory Services for:

Consistency- We address every variable of our measurement and analysis to assure consistency of the calibration and testing results, which leads to accurate and reliable results in our processes, products and services.

  • Equipment – For each measurement discipline, GNBS possesses the finest calibration equipment available.
  • Highly Skilled Technicians – The laboratories have a highly trained staff of technicians capable of making precise accurate measurements and monitoring calibration processes. We believe that ongoing training is essential to keep the technical team at the top of its game.
  • Environmental Controls – GNBS maintains it laboratories to specified conditions required for calibration and maintenance of its national standards.
  • Confidence – Our laboratories assures its consistency through audits.
  • Documented Procedures – Procedures are documented for every step of the calibration process.