Todays date:
22 April 2018


Verification of Fuel Meters

Under its Metrology Programme, the GNBS provides verification services for weighing and measuring devices used in trade and devices used within the health, transportation, manufacturing, airline, seafood and agriculture sectors in Guyana, in order to ensure equity in trade, consumer protection, safety and health.

Devices presently verified by the GNBS include:

  • Petrol Meters used at Service Stations countrywide
  • Bulk Meters used at Petrol Terminals
  • Wagon Compartments of Tanker Wagons used to transport fuel
  • Storage Tanks used to store products
  • Scales, masses and measures used at shops,markets,supermarkets,post offices, hospitals,health centres, rice mills, etc.
  • Measuring Rulers
  • Electricity and water meters

These devices are required to be verified twice yearly to ensure accuracy is maintained while in use.