Todays date:
22 March 2018


The following standards were approved and published by the GNBS during 2017.

  1. Labelling of goods-General requirements.
  2. Labelling of goods -Prepackaged  goods.
  3. Specification for Poultry Meats and Poultry Products.
  4. Requirements for water refilling premises.
  5. Specification for domestic gas  stoves for use with LPG gases.
  6. Self-Ballasted led Lamps for General Lighting Services with Supply Voltages >50v – Performance Requirements.
  7. Self-Ballasted Compact Fluorescent Lamps for General Lighting Services – Performance Requirements.
  8. Household Refrigeration Appliances Characteristics and Test methods-Part 1 General Requirements.
  9. Household Refrigerating Appliances-Characteristics and Test methods-Part 2 Performance Requirements.
  10. Household Refrigeration Appliances- Characteristics and Test methods-Part 3 Energy Consumption and Volume
  11. Requirements for Pneumatic Passenger Car Tyres
  12. Fertilizers –markings – presentations and declarations (ISO 7409: 1984).
  13. Requirements for Lampholders – Standard for Safety (UL 496_14:2017).
  14. Requirements for Seasonal and Holiday Decorative Products -(UL 588_19:2015, Revision of GYS 232:2003 – Christmas Tree and Decorative-Lighting Outfit.
  15. Rice – Specification (ISO 7301:2011)

Stakeholders interested in acquiring a copy of any of these standards can make contact with the Marketing and Communication Department.

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