Todays date:
18 March 2018

Technical Standards Information Unit (TSIU)

The Technical Standards Information Unit is part of the Marketing and Department of the GNBS. The unit, which operates like a Library provides information on national, regional and international standards, metrology, quality assurance, metrication, and other matters pertaining to standardization.

  •    Reference
  •    Reader Service
  •    Information Research
  •    Facilitating Queries and Loans

    Visit our Technical Standards Information Unit for information on Standardisation.

    Visit our Technical Standards Information Unit for information on Standardisation.

  •    Sale of Standards
  •    Inter- Library Loans
  •    Making requests for documents at Regional and International Standards Bodies.

Our Collection Includes:

•    National, Regional and International Standards.
•    Periodicals, bulletins, magazines, standards catalogues, brochures, fact sheets etc.
•    Codex Alimentarius Documents.

•    Guyana Library Association.

Standards Information

•    Provides agreed upon (consensus) guidelines for uniform products, services and procedures.
•    Improves manufacturing, exporting research and development.
•    Promotes national competitiveness.

Whether you are a consumer, businessman, manufacturer, importer or exporter, student or teacher standards information has a place in your plans for the future. For businesses, utilising such information will result in the production of quality goods and services, which is your passport to future markets and to increased volume of trade. For others, the materials available in the unit will certainly provide you with the knowledge you need for your research and other purposes relating to Standardisation. Don’t hesitate, visit use today!

Copy of GNBS Standard Catalogue 2016-2017 can be found at bottom of page.

Hours of Opening

Monday to Thursday:    08:30h to 11:45h     13:00h to 16:15h
Fridays                        08:30h to 15:15h

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