Todays date:
22 March 2018

Information and Communications Technology Department


The Information Technology (IT) programme which falls within the Information and Communications Department was established since in the year 2003 to provide technical support to all programme activities of the GNBS and assist staff to carryout their functions effectively and efficiently.

Under the ICT programme, the information management systems for the GNBS is continuously developed and the maintained through routine service, repairs, upgrades, uploads and the purchase of new hard and software. The IT infrastructure includes databases, a website, email, software, network and related document area, and IT equipment such as servers, computers and printers, power supply unit, and software backup.

The ICT programme currently allows staff to browse the internet, receive and send email, fax, scan, type, and print documents, participate in online meeting and training through WebEx , Goto Meetings and other conferencing software available.