Todays date:
18 March 2018

Laboratory Services Department

certification and calibration inside 2


The Laboratory Services Department (LSD) was established by the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) to better meet the calibration and testing needs of the industrial sector in Guyana.

The LSD comprises of competent staff that were trained both locally and internationally in the areas of mass, dimension, volume, pressure and moisture calibration to ensure traceability and accuracy. The testing of gold articles, and multi meters are also being conducted by the department.

Weights and Measures Calibration

In the LSD, there are primary standards for length (meter rule and gauge blocks), volume (measuring cylinders, pipettes, burettes and test measures), and standard masses that are regularly calibrated to international standards and handled and stored under specified laboratory conditions to maintain accuracy and traceability. Companies and laboratories desirous of calibrating their scales, masses, measures and pressure gauges can submit same to this department.

Testing of Gold Articles

The destructive testing of gold samples is also done in this department. This testing is primarily done for Gold Jewellers who are clients of the Bureau under its Product Certification Scheme, and also for samples submitted for testing by members of the general public.

Calibration of Moisture meters

This is the most recent of the services offered under this department. Moisture meters that are used by millers to determine the moisture content of paddy during purchase can be submitted for calibration.

Stakeholders are encouraged to access these services in order to maintain accurate devices and quality products to adequately meet the needs of their customers.