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TERMS OF REFERENCE – Consultancy for Training to Enhance the Competitiveness of Furniture Manufacturing in Guyana

  1. Introduction


The Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) was established under Act No. 11 of 1984 by the Parliament of Guyana. It falls under the portfolio of the Ministry of Business. The affairs of the GNBS are directed by a broad- based fifteen-member National Standards Council, which is the policy making body for supervising and controlling the administration and financial management of the GNBS. The Executive Director of the GNBS is the Chief Executive who manages the day-to-day administration of the institution.

The GNBS has eight departments namely; the Standardization Department is responsible for the development, adoption and adaption of National, Regional and International Standards, Codex Contact Point and WTO Enquiry Point; The Conformity Assessment Department is responsible for providing Consultancy and Training services on management system standards, Product Certification, Laboratory Certification, Management Systems audit service and the National Accreditation Focal Point; Legal Metrology and Standards Compliance Department is responsible for conducting the verification of weighing and measuring devices, Standards compliance through the monitoring of 20 categories of products including furniture at the ports of entry and sales outlet to ensure compliance and Consumer complaints; Laboratory Services Department is responsible for providing calibration services to industry in the areas of mass, temperature, pressure and volume and also the testing of the purity of gold jewelry, Marketing and Communications Department is responsible for supporting the programmes of the GNBS through its Public Relations programme and its library facilities equipped with various standards, bulletins, and other documents relating to standardization globally which is available to the general public for use,  the Human Resources and Administration Department which provides support services to the GNBS such as typing, transportation, maintenance and record keeping, the Finance Department responsible for the accounts of the GNBS and the Information and Communications Technology Department responsible for the GNBS network and website Administration.


II.                Background


Over the past years, the GNBS has been monitoring the labelling of furniture items manufactured locally under its Standards Compliance Programme, in order to ensure compliance with established National Labelling Standards. However, although the furniture offered for sale are fully labelled, numerous complaints regarding the quality of furniture products produced and offered for sale locally are received by the GNBS daily from consumers. However, the GNBS is unable to address these concerns due to the lack of training of its Inspectors in this subject area, and as a result, is unable to provide technical assistance and guidance to local manufacturers. Further, most furniture manufacturers operating in Guyana are not adhering to quality standards in their manufacturing process thus resulting in the production of substandard products, which is evident from the numerous consumer complaints received by the GNBS and the rejection of furniture exported to regional and international markets.


Although several Consultancy Training Programmes were conducted in the past for furniture manufacturers in Guyana, these training programmes were not effectively coordinated and executed to ensure sustainability within the sector. As a result, over a period of time manufacturers have continued to manufacture substandard products, since there was no plan to ensure continuity among the Regulatory Bodies and the adherence to quality requirements. Hence, there is need for the urgent streamlining of this sector to ensure that wooden furniture are manufactured according to the requirements of established quality standards and are properly labelled, to provide guidance to consumers. In addition, there is need for a comprehensive action plan to be developed and implemented by the responsible Regulatory Body (GNBS) to ensure sustainability and development of the sector, in order to ensure that quality furniture are produced and offered for sale locally, regionally and internationally.


It is on this premise that the Ministry of Business is looking for a training specialist in wooden furniture manufacturing to provide technical support to the Project Execution Unit as it implements the NQI.




3.1 The objective of this consultancy is to recruit a training specialist in Wooden Furniture Manufacturing to provide strategic advice, technical support and capacity development to the staff of the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) as well as furniture manufacturers in Guyana. This training will be geared towards helping the sector acquire the required international standards to allow the manufacturers to export or at least to increase their local market share.


Specific objectives are:


·         Develop a database of furniture manufacturers in Guyana

·         Provide a profile of each manufacturer and the GNBS

·         Identify and analyze available training options that will improve the productivity and competitiveness of furniture manufacturers across the country.

·         Promote export potential and/or expansion of the local markets.

·         Become aware of the benefits of quality certification.



4.1.  Type of consultancy: Individual
4.2. Procurement Method  

International Individual Consultant Selection based on Qualification


4.3. Duration: Three (3) months
4.4. Place of work: Georgetown, Guyana


4.5. Qualifications: The Consultant must possess a University Degree

(Bachelor’s, Master’s) in Wood Technology, Manufacturing

Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science/Technology

or related discipline.


General Work Experience

At least five (5) years of professional working experience in

Woodworking, Forestry and Natural Resources Management.


Specific Work Experience:

The consultant must provide at least two (2) contactable references of similar work done within the past five (5) years. Work within the

Region or Guyana will be preferable.


Software: Microsoft Office Suite inclusive of Word, Excel, Power

Point, Project, Access, Outlook.


Competence in oral and written English



To achieve the objective of this consultancy, the scope of responsibilities will include:




5.1. Review the GNBS Standards Compliance Programme with specific emphasis on the manufacturing of wooden furniture products and provide recommendations for improvement.

5.2. Examine the “CARICOM Regional Standard – Specification for Wooden Furniture CRS 20: 2010” and identify in consultation with the GNBS the areas to be addressed during the Consultancy.

5.3. Identify the requirements for the provision of the consultancy service including its structure and operation.

5.4. Develop training modules to address the areas identified or make recommendations to address the areas if long term action is required.

5.5. Conduct technical training (theoretical and practical) for 10 GNBS Officers on the “CARICOM Regional Standard Specification for Wooden Furniture CRS 20: 2010” to facilitate the provision of technical assistance to manufacturers, to conduct inspections to determine compliance with the above mentioned standard and to provide possible recommendations for improvement.

5.6. Conduct a needs assessment of the sector to identify the needs of the furniture manufacturers, which should be addressed during the training of the manufacturers.

5.7. Develop an implementation plan to facilitate the effective implementation of the CARICOM Standard under the Standards Compliance and Technical assistance programmes.



5.8. Coach GNBS Officers to provide technical assistance to five (5) manufacturers by providing the required guidance during the implementation process of the standard, in order to ensure its effectiveness and sustainability. Equip Officers with the knowledge and skills required for addressing difficulties encountered in the implementation process, recommendations for corrective actions, monitoring and improving the services provided and any other area that the Consultant considers necessary for this programme.

5.9. Monitor the performance of each GNBS Officers throughout the programme to evaluate their competencies as Trainers which may be done continuously over a period of time.

5.10. Provide any additional training for the GNBS Officers that may be necessary based on the evaluation conducted during the coaching.

5.11. Work with the GNBS Inspectors to develop a basic quality assurance programme for the manufacturers to follow to ensure that quality products are consistently produced, starting from the raw materials to the finished products.

5.12. Promote awareness and consultations with key stakeholders, including the manufacturers as well as potential clients. The Officers who have been trained will provide the awareness sessions, technical assistance, and coaching to the manufacturers and potential ones.



6.1. The key deliverables are:

a)      Inception Report two (2) weeks after commencement of service containing a detailed workplan and schedule. Site visits to the various manufacturers to be conducted during this period.

b)      Within four (4) weeks of commencing the assignment, a report including the identified weaknesses and recommended improvements, staff assessment reports, and proposed staff training program

c)      Within six (6) weeks of commencing the assignment, develop training modules to address the areas identified.

d)      Training seminar/workshop conducted eight (8) weeks after commencement of assignment

e)      A detailed implementation plan that covers the objectives and scope of work outlined above

f)       Final report submitted at the end of the assignment.

VII.          PAYMENT

7.1.     The consultant will be paid in accordance with the contract provisions (lump sum contract).



8.1.     The consultant will report directly to the Executive Director, GNBS/Project Manager of the “Enhancing the National Quality Infrastructure for Economic Diversification and Trade Promotion” project.







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