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18 March 2018

In Tourism Month 2017, enhance your bed and breakfast facility by conforming to the available National Standard

The Code of Practice for Bed and Breakfast facilities was approved as a national standard by the National Standards Council in 2010 after it was developed by the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) Technical Committee – Tourism.

This standard, which specifies the minimum requirements for bed and breakfast facilities operating in Guyana, was formulated to improve the quality of services offered by local providers of bed and breakfast facilities. This Code of Practice can be utilized by all stakeholders in the Tourism sector and specifically by local bed and breakfast providers and potential investors in this category, thereby promoting standardization for this particular service.

The standard provides minimum requirements for three categories of facilities, A, B and C category. For bread and breakfast facilities to be considered as Category A, they must include self-contained double or single bedroom accommodation with an air conditioned unit, television and other basic amenities including telephone, access to a mini refrigerator and comfortable functioning furniture, in a quiet and attractive setting. In addition, the standard states that private access to rooms is preferable and hot water, hot and cold shower, fresh clean linens and breakfast shall be provided. Lunch, dinner or any other meals could be arranged on request at an additional cost.

Requirements for facilities falling under Categories B and C are similar to Category A with a few exclusions in descending order.

The Code of Practice also addresses minimum requirements for rooms, which include sufficient size for freedom of movement, privacy, requirements for beds and sheet coverings and other furniture requirements. Electrical installation, fire safety, hygiene and pest control are also addressed by the standard. The Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) provides guidance and monitoring of facilities endeavouring to meet the requirements outlined in this Code of Practice.  The Authority is working to promote facilities, which are registered and inspected according to the requirements of the Code of Practice.

The quest to fulfill the growing need to provide quality service and comfortable accommodation to all categories of tourists and other visitors to our country would once again have to be when visitors return to our dear land during the upcoming Christmas holidays. Acquiring a copy of this standard and implementing the requirements therein, would certainly aid entrepreneurs and operators in the tourism industry particularly, providers of bed and breakfast facilities to offer a level of services that can satisfy the accommodation needs of visitors.

Bed and breakfast facility

Bed and breakfast facility

Copies are available upon request from the Technical Standards Information Unit of the GNBS.


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